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Re: Freebsd 5.4 and libcrypto

From: James
Subject: Re: Freebsd 5.4 and libcrypto
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2006 03:42:53 -0500
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Mark Burgess wrote:
This is a packaging issue in FreeBSD - not something to do with
cfengine. If you compile from sources, it should not matter what version
you have.
Thanks for all your responses. It took a while for my email to show up so I ended up figuring out what mistakes I made. Originally, I found a newbie article on cfengine and setup a system based off of the article. In their setup, they had the cfengine binaries downloaded by the clients from the server, which would work ... but I was running FreeBSD 6.0 and 5.4 as my server and client, respectively. The binaries were incompatible due to different build environments. Doh!

Sorry for the silly question!
- james

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