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Re: Authentication issues again!

From: Scott Lackey
Subject: Re: Authentication issues again!
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 17:54:14 -0500

To get the best debugging info to figure out your problem, your best bet is to run the server in debug mode and watch the output when you run cfagent -v --no-splay on the host. Run the server with
cfservd -d2 and record the error there, that may answer the problem right there, if not, just post it to the list.

-Scott Lackey
cfengine support

On 9 Mar 2006 07:59:22 -0800, Marco Paganini <address@hidden > wrote:

A few points come to mind:

Are you running a DNS server? If so, how is your reverse working? If
you try to reverse the IP address, what does it give you as the

If you're not running a DNS server, have you checked /etc/nsswitch.conf
to make sure DNS always resolves from FILES?


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