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email notification problem

From: weiler
Subject: email notification problem
Date: 10 Mar 2006 23:05:26 -0800
User-agent: G2/0.2

Hi all-

I've read the documentation up and down on this and I can't seem to get
it to work, so I thought I'd ask.  I can't seem to get email
notification to work for some reason (version 2.1.19p1).  In my
cfagent.conf I've set:



  access    = ( root )
  site      = ( mysite )
  domain    = ( )
  smtpserver    = ( )
  EmailMaxLines = ( 100 )
  OutputPrefix = ( "!" )


   sysadm = ( address@hidden )


  sysadm = ( address@hidden )

When I run:

% cfagent -I

I get errors that links can't be made etc, which should be sent to
email output, I'm guessing.  However, when I run:

% cfexecd -F

I get no output in /var/cfengine/output, nor do I get an email, even
though 'cfagent -I' generated output...  Should I get email?  Am I
reading this incorrectly?

I'm like inches away from being done with configuring cfengine, this is
the only thing remaining...  :)  I feel like I'm missing something
obvious because no one else has mentioned this problem...

Thanks for any advice!

ciao, erich

PS- Fantastic software Mark, I love cfengine.

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