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Getting Group "Contents"

From: Harrison, Bruce (CXO)
Subject: Getting Group "Contents"
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 10:53:52 -0700


    I need to be able to get the "contents" or value if you will of a
cfengine group from a command line and/or perl script.  I did find the
cfagent -p -v which lists the groups but not their contents.  For

If cfagent.conf contains the following:

     group_a = ( node_1 node_2 )
     group_b = ( node_3 node_4 )
     mynodes = ( group_a group_b )

then I'd like something like 

getcfgroups ("mynodes") to return something like "node_1 node_2 node_3
node_4" if mynodes is define and "" if it is not.

I am going to write a perl sub to do this, but thought I would check
here first to see if this functionality already exists somewhere.  I'm
running cfengine 2.1.15

Thanks for your time!


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