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Re: Newbie in cfengine, want to implement to my system

From: Edgardo Diesta Jr.
Subject: Re: Newbie in cfengine, want to implement to my system
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2006 07:17:21 +0800

 Question, I've been searching on how to LOG all activities of cfengine, regarding copy, tidy, resets, etc.... How do I do that? do I have to configure something?

Thanks sir.

On 7/6/06, Edgardo Diesta Jr. <> wrote:
Okay sir thank you so much.

On 7/3/06, Jason Edgecombe <> wrote:
Edgardo Diesta Jr. wrote:
> Sir/Ma'am,
>  I'm Edgardo Diesta, a Systems Admin here in philippines. I've read
> about cfengine and I've learned that it can centralized a systems
> configuration(s). Sir/Ma'am, I would really really appreciate if you
> can help me build a cfengine system 'Server / Client'. Sir/Ma'am,
> please help me step by step.
> Many Thanks to all the members.

I would suggest reading the tutorial at and the article

You will first need to download cfengine as a binary package or as a
source package. The source package will need to be compiled.


Totoy Bibo
Bibong Bibo Inc.

Totoy Bibo
Bibong Bibo Inc.

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