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want to warn/kill memory intensive apps

From: Yaroslav Halchenko
Subject: want to warn/kill memory intensive apps
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 22:32:36 -0500
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I want to warn or may be even kill memory intensive applications on some
as I understood from the doc I need to use filter, now I just don't get
how to specify that memory utilization is higher than for instance
2000m. the manual says VSize:     virtual memory size (quoted regex) ,
so how should quoted regex look like? smth like 

"([^ ]+1|[23456789])000000000"? ;-)

Why there is no "To/FromVSize" to be somewhat uniform with the other

Yaroslav Halchenko
Research Assistant, Psychology Department, Rutgers-Newark
Student  Ph.D. @ CS Dept. NJIT
Office: (973) 353-5440x263 | FWD: 82823 | Fax: (973) 353-1171
        101 Warren Str, Smith Hall, Rm 4-105, Newark NJ 07102

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