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Re: Bridging the gap between gtk-doc and Emacs

From: James Thomas
Subject: Re: Bridging the gap between gtk-doc and Emacs
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2023 08:55:43 +0530
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Björn Bidar wrote:

> Hello,
> Recently I have been enjoying the integrated way
> that Emacs works for many things but especially
> viewing documentation inside Emacs was especially handy.
> Some projects use gtk-doc. Is there a way to bridge
> the gap between their HTML docs and Emacs?
> I found gtk-look[1] but that isn't exactly what I want.
> Ideally something that converts gtk-docs to info would be
> great.

The website says that it outputs Docbook, and I find that there's a
docbook2x-texi package. Haven't used it though.

> Other related solutions for HTML based documentation might
> also work.

But I wrote this post mainly to crow about how great it is to have
python (sphinx) documentation in info:

(Often with some bugs in the ouput that one has to manually work around)


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