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Re: magit lags on macOS 12

From: Ben Hancock
Subject: Re: magit lags on macOS 12
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2023 06:44:43 -0800

Danny Freeman <> writes:

> zhanghj <> writes:
> > I'm using GNU Emacs on macOS.
> >
> > I remember that before Emacs 26, running magit in Emacs was slow
> > because Emacs called the child process using the 'fork' syscall.
> > Later, emacs26 used 'vfork', and then it no longer stuttered.
> >
> > Now that I've upgraded my macOS to 12.7, I'm starting to see that
> > magit is starting to get sluggish again, about the same as it was
> > before Emacs 26. I tried Emacs 27 and 29, both of which are rather
> > sluggish. Why is that?
> Magit is also slow for me on Emacs 29 running the latest OSX, but
> it's difficult to determine why. I think part of the reason for me
> is all the other software installed by my enterprise like virus
> scanners, constantly running backups, the sorts of things I don't
> have much control over.

This may not fix your problem, but have you tried adjusting the option
`magit-diff-refine-hunk`? Docs here:

Setting it to nil or t may help improve performance (though I'm not on
a Mac so I can't confirm).

Also, FWIW, while magit is a great package it might be worth
considering just using the built-in vc mode:

It's quite fast and I find for most of my uses, it's just what I need.

- Ben

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