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New Search Engine Requires Your Input.

From: webmaster
Subject: New Search Engine Requires Your Input.
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 04:49:10 -0500

You were identified as a potential contributor to our search engine database. 
We are opening up a new site dedicated to CGI scripts, programming, web 
development resources and all information relating to these topics. 

You have received this email because we believe you have a skill, an 
opportunity, site URL or other information you can contribute to the script and 
programing related database which will be the focus of our search engine.

Our site will basically be a directory type of search engine based on the Yahoo 
model but specifically focused on what is CGI script related. 

We have presently categorized our main sections as Applescript Scripts, Books & 
Tutorials, C Scripts, CGI News Groups, CGI Script Related Jobs,
Custom Script Programers, FAQs & Documentation, Java Scripts, Other Scripts, 
Other Web Resources,
PHP Scripts, Perl Scripts, Python Scripts, Remotely Hosted Scripts, Script 
Installation Services, Virtual Basic Scripts.

If you can contribute to any of the categories mentioned above we encourage you 
to go to and to add your URL to our search 
engine. Submission of URLs are totally free.

We welcome any comment from you and hope to be able to build a mutually 
rewarding association in the immediate future.

If this message has reached you in error and you do not have anything to 
contribute to a search engine focused on CGI Scripts, Programing and/or Web 
Resources then please accept our appologies and click on the link below to 
remove yourself from our mailng list. If you simply want to be removed from our 
mailing list for whatever reason then please click on the link below and you 
will automatically be removed.

Thank You,


Click on the link below to be removed from the 
CGI Scripts Online Mailing List.

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