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Differences in gcc tool chains

From: L Shawn Matott
Subject: Differences in gcc tool chains
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 08:48:49 -0600

I recently downloaded the sh-elf-xxx GNU tool chain from the Hitachi web
site. I use this tool chain to re-build 
a Boot ROM for the SH4 Hitach HARP evaluation board. The makefile provided
by Hitachi wanted to use the sh-hms-xxx
tool chain, but the acual tool chain provided on the Hitachi web site was
sh-elf-xxx. What is the difference in the two tool chains?
Can I use the .hex files that sh-elf-xxx produces, or do I need to go get
the sh-hms-xxx tool chain?


Shawn Matott
Senior Software Engineer
Clearwire Technologies, Inc.
Phone : 716-631-6098

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