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tar hungs reading tape

From: manuel
Subject: tar hungs reading tape
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 11:01:16 +0100


I try to make backups of our users home directories. It's a 4.7Gb backup.
tar writes the data to tape (/dev/nst0) ok, but when I try todo a tar tvf
/dev/nst0 it hungs on the last file (the bigger file). I rewind the tape before
trying to obtain the list.

Can I presume the backup is ok without being able to obtain the list?
How can I kill the tar process when it is hung? I need to do a reboot now, and I
must wait until all people goes home -- too late!


Manuel Cano
Dpto. Sistemas

Tel: 957 767 880 - 213
Fax: 957 767 644

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