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Psychology of the Future

From: Psychology Network
Subject: Psychology of the Future
Date: Wednesday, Sep 26 2001 5:42:24 PM EST

Our system is unique - for the first time, we have combined the power of 
the Internet with the ease of the telephone to enable immediate access to 
a psychologist.

How does it work? Using our revolutionary new technology, you can reach 
our doctors by clicking on this link:
Simply enter your callback phone number and credit card info and you will 
receive an immediate callback from one of our doctors!  Or, just pick up 
the phone and call 1-877 DR TALKS (1-877 378-2557)!

Get expert advice on such problems as :






Our service is convenient - we are available 24/7/365.

*Promotional Special: A  cruise for two to the Caribbean will be awarded to 
one registered client. The winner will be contacted via email. Check our 
Website for details. 

If you would no longer like to be a part of our mailing list, please accept 
our apologies in advance for this email. To be removed, just click this link:

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