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Re: What mailing list do I use for gtar?

From: Erika Pacholleck
Subject: Re: What mailing list do I use for gtar?
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 14:00:12 +0100
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[07.11.01 17:32 -0600] Briscoe, Bill <-- :
> Here is my question:
> I am trying to backup an entire server using 
> /usr/local/bin/gtar -covPzf /export/flrbackup/$HOST.tar.gz.$DATE /
> --exclude=*flrbackup* --exclude=*proc*    --exclude=*/devices*
>  however, I need to exclude the /devices directory.  I can not find a way to
> match the '/' sign with wild cards or with a '/'.  How do I exclude the
> /devices/ directory yet include other files whose names contain 'devices'
> else where in my file systems?

No experience with networks here, just a simple standalone, so only a
little idea. As far as I know the root filesystem has nearly the same
structure everywhere with only limited allowed directories.

Instead of excluding directories name the including ones explicitly,
like /bin (possibly /boot) [omit /dev] .. [omit /proc] .. [omit /export],
assuming /export is keeping only /flrbackup.
If the list is longer you could just put it into a variable, possibly
including a way to overwrite/add new ones on the command line (if you
make a script.

Just an idea.
Erika Pacholleck <pchllck.e at gmx dot de>
                 insert vowels of last name

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