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Re: [Groff] widow/orphan control

From: Ken Deen
Subject: Re: [Groff] widow/orphan control
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 21:14:54 -0800

> > How do I accomplish widow/orphan control in groff (I'm using -me
> > macros)?
> >
> > I want to avoid page breaks after the first line
> I think -me does that automatically as part of the .pp, etc., macros.
> The troff request is .ne, e.g.
>     .ne 2
> means 2v of vertical space is needed.

I have not been using .pp because .pp causes a first-line indent which
I don't like.  I prefer to have my paragraphs demarcated by a blank line
only -- no indent.

For me, then, a blank line followed by a ".ne 2" line seems
to do the trick for widows.  Thanks again.

> > or before the last line of a paragraph.  I thought groff could do
> > this, but I don't see how.
> That's more tricky.  You need to put the paragraph into a diversion and
> at the end look at the height of the paragraph and the remaining space
> on the page and do something appropriate.

Ah, well, then, I'll just live with the occasional orphan.  I'm just a
user and would prefer to remain so.  I want to learn a set of macros (I've
chosen -me) and let it go at that.  Sounds too difficult for me to want to

I'm surprised there isn't a standard macro to accomplish this.

> > P.S. If this is a mailing list and if I am being rude by posting
> > without first subscribing and reading others' postings, please know I
> > do this out of ignorance AND I *do* wish to be a good citizen. Please
> > enlighten me.  I did not right off see how to subscribe to this
> > mailing-list, if that's what it is.
> Your email appeared on recently.

I believe I sent my original e-mail to
even though it is not on the list of gnu mailing lists found at .
Yet my message was seen by you and others so maybe it does
exist ... or maybe messages here just get forwarded to ?
There's also .

Which mailing list should I use for seeking help with groff?


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