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Something special

From: Minus Subtract
Subject: Something special
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 23:26:46 +0000

Good day,

I am presenting to you a pro'pound mail,
which is all about craving your indulgence to execute a project of $18,000,000.

I shall with your cooperation attain the hight I longed for ever since i entered into my country's political tussle.

I have an account outside my country,valued for $18,000,000.
My re-election for a second term in office and the tough battle
coming from my oppositions has posed a probable threat and if nothing is done towards moving the money to a legitimate account; It will be publicized ,siezed and I will face difficulties that may land me in jail.

Please I realy need your help,the money is in a Sanish bank.
You will communicate the bank after we have reached a consensus, transfer the money to your aaccount with the authority issued to you by my lawyer and go ahead to procure with a few of the money as properly stated.

Out of the total sum I am giving you the sum of #3,000,000.
I will send to you some documents which you will send to the bank along with a power of attorney that will authorize the bank into your attention at once.

This is very confidential, please.You shouild not let oppen to anyone my profile,please.Let no one know that Sen. A,Wabara ever contacted you,please.

If you are afraid to take on the business alone,tell me the record of whom ever you want to hook on to,your relationship with the fellow and how long you've known him\her in your life.

I will like to know your mind as soon as possible.Time is very important for this issue.

You can call me for more explanation if you wish.23 48033745437

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