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Server Computer Stand & Organizer

From: LANPerfect Corporation
Subject: Server Computer Stand & Organizer
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 04:21:48 -0700

  • Do you need to Organize your Server room but don't want to get a Rack ?
  • How do you put more than one Tower server on a rack ?
  • Are all your Servers Rack mountable ?
  • Do you have many computers and servers that are not practical to put them on a Rack ?
  • Would you want to keep On-line and Off-line servers in one place ?
  • Is your boss pushing for a "Better Organized" Server room

PerfectStand is the solution to efficiently organize & protect your mission critical computer hardware.

PerfectStand is The Most affordable, easy to assemble, durable Stand for Servers and LANs.

PerfectStand can easily hold 10 Servers, a Monitor, keyboard, Mouse, Tape backup device, UPS and all your Switches, Hubs and Modems

PerfectStand is the ideal solution to make the most of your space.
When you store your equipment vertically in a PerfectStand, it occupies only a fraction of the floor spac

At LANPerfect, we believe in Simplicity. You already have enough complications in your job, choosing and installing a Server stand should not be one of them. The PerfectStand is the result of this way of thinking, it is Simple, Strong and does what you need it to do. It's simply the BEST VALUE on the market for racking systems

For more information or to order on line, Click Here

Call us today at 301-231-8280 or Send e-mail to

*We respect your privacy. We are Not email marketing company and will Not send you emails everyday. Our offers in this campaign are targeted to people in charge of computers, IT, Network administrators and Office managers. If you don’t wish to receive such emails, please send a blank email to, you will not receive any further emails for this marketing campaign. If you wish not to receive any emails from us, regardless of what it is about, please send a blank email to
Optional Accessories
  • KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) Switch.
  • Power distribution strip
  • PerfectDesk
  • KVM Cable
  • Cable Management
(email us for Special price for resellers and computer consultants)

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