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Re: A good open-source source version control system?

From: Andre Poenitz
Subject: Re: A good open-source source version control system?
Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 21:12:38 +0200

Randy Yates <> wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestion, Karl. I have installed svn and TortoiseSvn.
> There are a few things I don't care for in the version control system,
> for example, the possibility of a file change versions when it hasn't
> changed, the way the directory structure is forced (or highly
> encouraged) into "trunks" and "branches", and the lack of a "view"
> mechanism. Maybe I've got some of this wrong since I've only quickly
> reviewed the system.

As there is no _file_ versions in subversion, but only repository
versions, there is no file changing version behind your back.
The repository, however, will change version as soon as you
succesfully commit something, but that's not behind your back either.

The only effect of the 'strongly encouraged directory layout' is that
most examples you find on the net use it. For subversion itself it's
irrelevant. Using anything else makes life neither simpler nor tougher. 
(I am not using it myself btw)

I let the 'lack of view' point stand as this seems to be indeed
something 'missing' in subversion when coming from clearcase.

Andre', not related to subversion, just happily using it.

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