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Re: when gnu-make is missing a dependency

From: Randy Yates
Subject: Re: when gnu-make is missing a dependency
Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 03:06:41 GMT
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"Paul D. Smith" <> writes:

> %% Randy Yates <> writes:
>   >> Possible reasons are (a) that file does exist, maybe on VPATH, or
>   >> (b) you have a target "lpc.o" in your makefile with no rule or
>   >> prerequisites (see the section "Rules without Commands or
>   >> Prerequisites" in the GNU make manual).
>   ry> Thanks for the timely response, Paul. If (a) were the case, then
>   ry> why wouldn't I get a "Target is up-to-date" response instead of
>   ry> "nothing to be done" when I "make lpc.o"?
> Yes, so it's probably the second one.
> "make -d" should tell you for sure though.  And you can use "make -p" to
> see the rules database; search it for that target.

Good pointers, thanks again Paul. I'll check on Monday when I'm back
in the office.
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