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Re: ar and library

From: Andrei Voropaev
Subject: Re: ar and library
Date: 20 May 2005 08:13:27 GMT
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On 2005-05-20, <> wrote:
> Trying to make a library by some obj file under GNU environment
> and using Ar i found the following error:
> duplicate symbol _CardStatusCode_parsedump in modules
> I know this function has been defined twice but I cannot modify
> the cpp files.
> I need, if exists, an ar option wich allows me to ignore the
> problem. Does it exist? 

You need to decide which of the functions shall actually be used when
your archive is linked against. Then take the object file that defines
the function that you don't want and use objcopy with -L option. This
will make conflicting option local to that object file.

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