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AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS & hand-coded configure

From: Gour
Subject: AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS & hand-coded configure
Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2005 10:33:11 +0200
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I'm new with autoconf tools and need to solve the following problem: I have
a package which contains few subpackages, e.g.. pkgA, pkgB and pkgC.

First I need to build a pkgA and then the built library is used for building
pkgB, and then pkgC & pkgD should be built and everything has to be

pkgA (clisp) does not use, but it uses his own hand-coded
configure script; its modules (dir1..dirn) have their own
files, and I have to invoke 'configure' with few extra parameters.

In a picture it looks like:

        |-- ...
        |----------     pkgA
                |-- configure
                |-- ...
                |-- dir1
                |-- dirn

        |---------- pkgB
                |-- file1
                |-- filen
                |-- file1
                |-- filen

So, pkgA (clisp) has to be built with its own 'configure' script which is
invoked with some extra parameters to provide runtime-engine for the rest
of the package.

I have tried to use AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS in my top-level as:


but autoconf complains that clisp directory does not contain

I read about using 'configure.gnu' and found one post in autoconf archives
(Jul '04) which says:

In the tools (aka pkgA) subdirectory, write a wrapper script called
    configure.gnu, which takes the arguments passed in from the
    top-level configure script and massages them however you
    need, then calls:
        $CONFIG_SHELL ./configure ...
    to do the work.

and this solve the problem of passing additional arguments to hand-coded
configure script in pkgA.

However, the problem remains 'cause in the post it is stated:

Write a tools/ (aka pkgA/ and do the usual stuff
with it.

and I have to use hand-coded configure script which does not use

The question remains: how to easily solve the problem of invoking custom
'configure' script in one of the sub-package directories?

Any other macro I'm missing?


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