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Re: How to distribute a program under GNU GPL

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: How to distribute a program under GNU GPL
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 19:05:00 -0400

Hello Prasad,

    which I'd like to distribut under GPL and add it
    in GNU's Free Software Directory


        . How can I do this ?

As far as distributing under the GPL goes, see

As far as submitting to the Free Software Directory goes, see

        . What coding conventions & standards should I follow??

For submission to the FSD, no particular coding standards are required.
If you want to submit your package for consideration as an official GNU
package, the GNU coding standards should be followed.

There is a bunch of info about submitting packages to GNU at  The standards themselves are
at, but they are not the most
important thing.  (The critical thing is what job your program actually
does, as you might imagine.)

        . What documentations are required(Besides man page)???

Again, for the FSD, nothing is required.  We do strongly recommend using
Texinfo,  For official GNU
packages, Texinfo documentation should always be present.

Hope this helps,

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