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Autoconf + Gengetopt

From: R. Biloti
Subject: Autoconf + Gengetopt
Date: 22 Jul 2005 11:22:11 -0700
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Hi Folks

I used to use gengetopt
( to parse command
line options to my softwares. Briefly, I had to write a option
descriptor file, app.ggo for example, and, with gengetopt, it is
translated into two file (cmdline.c and cmdline.h) which actually
implements the parser. The syntax is just
gengetopt -f cmdline < app.ggo

I'm new to this autoconf/automake stuff. How should I code a macro to
autoconf/automake so that it takes care of this? I mean, I would like
to define in something like

prog_SOURCES = prog.c app.ggo

and it automagically generates a Makefile that knows how to run
gengetopt to yield cmdline.c and cmdline.h as well as compile/link them
properly. Note that I would like that cmdline.c and cmdline.h were
included in the distribution package.

Ricardo Biloti.

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