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Re: Make rule not taken although it matches

From: Sebastian Schuberth
Subject: Re: Make rule not taken although it matches
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 12:21:50 +0200
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Here's the solution to the problem: make has a built-in implicit rule to make .o files from .c files. I was pretty sure my rule to create .o files from .s files would override this implicit rule, but it does so ONLY IF THE .s FILE ALREADY EXISTS! So the implicit rule has to be explicitly canceled <grin> by adding

%.o: %.c

(with no commands) to the top of the file. For more information read:

Sebastian Schuberth


in my makefile I have two simple rules:

prefix_%.s: prefix_%.c
    # Do something

prefix_%.o: prefix_%.s
        # Do something

The file prefix_test.c exists. When I type "make prefix_test.o", instead of my rule some default rule (which is not present in the file) launching "cc" is run. However, running "make prefix_test.s" works, and running "make prefix_test.o" afterwards (so prefix_test.s exists) works then, too. Why is that? Why can't I create both "prefix_test.s" and "prefix_test.o" in a single step by launching "make prefix_test.o"?

Thanks for any insights.

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