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target specific inclusion of makefiles

From: Jörg
Subject: target specific inclusion of makefiles
Date: 22 Aug 2005 04:51:10 -0700
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I've already searched through the groups but couldn't find the
information that I'm looking for. I've some experience with makefiles
but I'm not a Guru but I'm pretty sure that there's a commonly used
solution for my problem:

We have some dozen modules that are compiled/linked together in
different applications. In addition we've contracted some other
companies that are providing some additional modules. They are
receiving some of the modules in source code, others just as libraries.
So for building the same application we have different targets
depending on the fact if the modules are available in source code or
just as binary. In addition some of the modules are used by all
applications, others not.

Currently every module is created as a library and has it's own
makefile. Every module makefile expands the name and path of the
library that it creates to a commonly used macro. The idea is that just
by including the modules makefile the set of needed libraries is

What I need now is a way to include these module makefiles target

How can this be done? When calling make I don't want to pass an
additional variable. Target dependent variable definition doesn't seem
to work since they are just defined in the context of the target (but
then it's too late to include other makefiles) ...

Any hints are welcome!


P.S: I'm sorry for my bad English :-(

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