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gtar with compression flag

From: Stu
Subject: gtar with compression flag
Date: 23 Sep 2005 05:35:31 -0700
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I am using GNU tar version 1.05 - AK/SSB on a Windows_NT machine, while
run MKS (korn shell) and trying to utilize the -z flag for compression
and I get the following error (see below)

$  gtar -czvf backup.gtz *.avt
: MSDOS  can't use compressed or remote archives

1) Is this a bug in gtar? If so, does anybody know where I can download
a later version gtar that does not have this problem or some other
similiar utility.

2) Lets say I was running in a DOS shell, which I am not(using ksh) can
somebody explain to me why this is not allowed.

FYI, I downloaded the Solaris version of gtar and the command appears
to work fine on that platform.

Thanks in advance to all that answer this post


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