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Re: gtar with compression flag

From: Antonios Christofides
Subject: Re: gtar with compression flag
Date: 24 Sep 2005 07:58:33 +0300
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"Stu" <> writes:

> $  gtar -czvf backup.gtz *.avt
> : MSDOS  can't use compressed or remote archives
I don't really know, but I can guess. Gnu tar does not compress the
archives itself; it runs gzip and sends the data to it through a
pipe. It seems that on MSDOS this, for some reason, wouldn't
work. Maybe MSDOS does not support pipes, or has some other similar
limitation. (NT should have pipes, but presumably that version is made
for MSDOS). Of course, make sure you have gzip installed and in the
path (although the error message indicates that it's not because of a
missing gzip).

Obvious workaround:

gtar cvf backup.tar *.avt
gzip backup.tar

Antonios Christofides

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