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LESSCHARSET=latin1 but still not latin1 in less?

From: y551025
Subject: LESSCHARSET=latin1 but still not latin1 in less?
Date: 25 Oct 2005 17:24:31 -0700
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Hello --
I'm having trouble seeing certain special characters with less.
Here's my situation:
% less --version
less 382+iso254
% printenv | grep -i lesschar

(and I'm running SuSE9.3).

When I try to view a file, foobar, containing latin1 text:
% less foobar
I find that things like u-with-umlaut and e-with-acute appear as space
characters (and the following character is missing, too).
So it looks like the  less  program is not "getting my message" about
character set.

Any suggestions welcome.

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