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RE: GETTEXT : libintl.a ( *.so.1) vs (*.so.3) -TEXT MODE

From: Patrick Quinnett
Subject: RE: GETTEXT : libintl.a ( *.so.1) vs (*.so.3) -TEXT MODE
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 11:05:06 -0600

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From: Patrick Quinnett 
Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2005 11:00 AM
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Subject: GETTEXT : libintl.a ( *.so.1) vs (*.so.3)

I have other GNU software that uses /lib/LIBINTL.A with archives of (*.so.1
via "ar -w". When I install the latest GETTEXT 0.14.5, it creates and
puts in /usr/local/lib a new LIBINTL.A(*.so.3).  When I fire up GETTEXT I
an EXEC() error due to the different /lib/LIBINTL.A's.  The LIBINTL.A that
GETTEXT wants is in /usr/local/lib via its installation but previous GNU
put a LIBINTL.A pointer in /lib.  When I run something that wants to us
(wants the /lib/*) and GETTEXT (wants the /usr/local/lib) but there is no
way to change paths
in the middle of an install that requires both.  My LIBPATH goes to /lib
first ...

There is a ./configure  parm of --with-included-gettext, would this do it??

Any help would be appreciated.

Patrick M. Quinnett

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