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Traversing Makefile?

From: kk_oop
Subject: Traversing Makefile?
Date: 4 Feb 2006 16:30:07 -0800
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Hi.  I'm new to make files.  I'm trying to write one to do this:

1.  Starting at a Top Directory, I want to traverse all subdirectories
that are called UnitTest and execute an existing makefile in each one.
will cause g++ to run and create .o files in those subdirectories.

2. Do a link using all the .o files in the same traversal of
subdirectories plus a file called testsute.o in the Top Directory
(testsuite.o has the main( ) in it).

Any suggestions/samples/resources to recommend?  Note that I'll be
running the makefile on unix.

Thanks for any input!


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