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Some Advice needed

From: Le Tubs
Subject: Some Advice needed
Date: 14 Feb 2006 01:13:57 -0800
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I would like to ask some questions about how would be the best way of
doing this, I'm developing a make script to install libraries, what
I've got is below but I seem to be running into problems as the library
doesn't to be installing when I run the makefile but when I run the
script manually it seems to install (I'm running with enough
permissions to install & write the libraries & create new directories).
So basically there are two questions and a sanity check, Q1 Is below
correct? or am I missing something fundermental
Q2 Is there a "better" / standard way of doing this?
The reason why I wanted to use make, rather than perl or shell
scripting  so I can enforce dependancy on the installation script.
Any tips, pointers or comments would be greatly appreciated.
Thanking you in advance for your time

Many Thanks

# these can be hard coded as relatively stable
LIBT=   tiff-v3.6.1
EXT=    .tar
TAR=    tar xf
CONF=   configure
# tmp build directory
HOME=   cd /xxxxx/
EDIR=   ext_lib
SVNC=   svn co http://xxxx/trunk/

        $(SVNC) $(EDIR)
        $(MAKE) -f $(LIBT)/Makefile
        $(MAKE) -f $(LIBT)/Makefile install
        rm -rf $(LIBT)
        rm -rf $(EDIR)

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