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Re: recursive make: communicating target to sub-makes

From: Daniel Kabs
Subject: Re: recursive make: communicating target to sub-makes
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 10:32:28 +0100
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again replying to myself :-)

 >>SUBDIRS = foo bar baz

ALL = $(addsuffix -all,$(SUBDIRS))
all: $(ALL)
          $(MAKE) -C $(@:-all=) all
Creating targets using variables is a good idea but I don't see how I can declare dependencies (e.g. say "bar" has to be compiled before "foo"). Well, I can list the SUBDIRS in a certain order but that does not work when "make" runs jobs concurrently (using option -j).

I finally solved this by using the variable MAKECMDGOALS to propagate the target specified on the command line to the sub-makefiles.

all clean install: $(SUBDIRS)

        $(MAKE) -C $@ $(MAKECMDGOALS)

This way you can run multiple make jobs simultaneously (using -j) and set dependencies, e.g. "bar" depends on "baz", write

bar: baz

Daniel Kabs

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