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Re: Linking only required objects

From: Colin S. Miller
Subject: Re: Linking only required objects
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 20:54:41 +0100
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Bernhard Mogens Ege wrote:
I try to link only required objects into my executable but I dont know which objects are required so I add lots of -l<library> to my linker stage (using gnu ld). My program is linked and runs. Fine. But checking with ldd I see that it now depends on all these libraries, some of them I am sure are not required.

How do I find out which libraries are required and which are not required?


You can use 'nm' (name) or 'objdump' to list the functions that a library 

It is generally recommend not to call 'ld' directly, instead you use 'gcc'
to do the link - it will add libc (and libstdc++ if called as gpp).

Colin S. Miller

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