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patsubst help needed...

From: chandramohanp
Subject: patsubst help needed...
Date: 22 Jun 2006 13:15:15 -0700
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In the following I code, I use patsubst. The replacement text
contains two %. I assumed that in these two places actual text of the
pattern % will be used. But it uses only in the first % case, but not
in the second case. How do I make it happen in the second % also.

# commands
_VB2005 = $(SystemRoot)\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\vbc.exe
_RES2005COMP = $(VS80COMNTOOLS)../../SDK\v2.0\Bin\ResGen.exe

# Object file extentions.
RES_OBJ_EXT = .resources

ROOTNAMESPACE = WindowsApplication1

SOURCES = x.resx y.resx z.resx

vb05src = $(filter %.vb,$(SOURCES))
vb05resrc = $(filter %.resx,$(SOURCES))
coma = ,

vb05_resrc_compile_text = $(patsubst

vb05_resrc_output = $(patsubst

$(vb05_resrc_output) : $(vb05resrc)
        $(_RES2005COMP) /compile $(vb05_resrc_compile_text)


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