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automake: how to install all files of a given type?

From: Heiner
Subject: automake: how to install all files of a given type?
Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2006 19:52:20 +0200
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I am creating an, which should compile a html help from
docbook sources. The docbook sources are some .xml and one .xsl file. If
xsltproc has compiled them, a set of .html files is created. I want to
install them all:


pictures = apicture.gif
source_tarball_files = testproj.xsl testproj.xml test_chapter.xml 
EXTRA_DIST = $(source_tarball_files) $(pictures)

htmlhelpdir = $(helpdir)
htmlhelp_created_files = testproj.hhc testproj.hhp testproj.hhk 
htmlhelp_DATA = *.html $(pictures)

all: testproj.hhc

$(htmlhelp_created_files): $(source_tarball_files)
        $(xsltproc) testproj.xsl testproj.xml


does, what I want (look at the *.html behind htmlhelp_DATA). Unfortunately
it works only, if I add the strange *.html target, so I guess, this
solution is quite dirty. Is there a cleaner one?

I do NOT want to list the *.html manually, as they can quickly change
(list in java, where one .java file produces an arbitrary number of .class

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