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Re: [Q] GNU Free or Public ''system utility'' like Norton DiskEdit(DE.EX

From: Mark Blain
Subject: Re: [Q] GNU Free or Public ''system utility'' like Norton DiskEdit(DE.EXE) ???
Date: 10 Jul 2006 19:43:27 GMT
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Susan wrote in
> Please Let me know that GNU or Public ''System Utility'' ported to 
> ''FreeDOS''.
> ( System Utility such as ''Norton DiskEdit'' (for Microsoft DOS) that
> can be shown ''Partition Tables and Numbers'' of ''Sector'',
> ''Cylinder'' and ''Offset'' (Physical and Logical).

I know of no GNU utilities available for FreeDOS or MS-DOS that will meet 
those requirements.

For general disk editing, the FreeDOS links page points to several disk 

For partition table editing, the base FreeDOS distribution already 
contains a version of fdisk from:

For more information, try the FreeDOS mailing lists.

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