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Re: wget and links to follow

From: dfeustel
Subject: Re: wget and links to follow
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2006 09:32:13 -0500
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Andrea Rimicci <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like retrieve a web document where some links are coded in
> javascript calls, so I'd like instruct wget when a something like
> JSfunc('my/link/to/follow/') is matched, he recognize
> 'my/link/to/follow/' as a link to follow.
> Is there any way to accomplish this?
> Maybe using regexps, to setup which patterns will trigger the link,
> will be great.
> TIA, Andrea

If I were doing this for myself, I think I would do a wget first to
get the files local and then use grep -R JSfunc to list all the
javascript commands retrieving additional files. I would pipe the
grep output to a smart script that would wget the additional files,
sticking them in the appropriate places. Also, the script could replace
in the local files the JSfunc call with <a href=...</a> so that no
javascript interpreter would be needed to access the files locally.

Dave Feustel
Using OpenBSD with or without X & KDE? 

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