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Linker Script:

From: chris . teli
Subject: Linker Script:
Date: 11 Apr 2007 13:05:04 -0700
User-agent: G2/1.0

I am trying to write a linker script for a m/c that has a hole in its


ROM_1: 0x60000 (size 0x80000)

ROM_2 :0x160000 (size 0x80000)

I can partition the code in two separate groups, for instance
a_group.o and b_group.o.
Then set a_group.o to start @0x60000, since the size of a_group is
about 0x76500, it almost fills up ROM_1.

I can then use a

. = 0x100000;

to force the creation of the rest of the image in ROM_2, however the
image is now filled with 0x00 for memory range 0x80000 -- 0x100000.
This causes the image to be larger than the original image if

Example linker script used:

.text {
            a_group.o (.text)
            . = 0x100000;
            b_group.o (.text)
.data {
            * (.text)
            _edata = ABSOLUTE(.);
.bss  {
            * (.bss)
           _end = ABSOLUTE(.);

Is there anyway to specify the creation of the b_group at memory
location 0x100000, using an "AT" without out causing the image to have
any fill data?

Please let me know you need more clarification.

Thank you,


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