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Re: How to extract *.o from a given *.a in linker scripts

From: John Pickwick
Subject: Re: How to extract *.o from a given *.a in linker scripts
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 23:17:38 +0200

Yes, I use the -M to control my mapping layout through a script command 
file. But I don't know how to group all .o files from a given .a library in 
ONE section (after that, I know how to map them).

"Henrik Carlqvist" <> a écrit dans le message 
de news:
> "John Pickwick" <> wrote:
>> I want to map all the objects files from a given .a at a memory address.
> I haven't tried this myself and I'm not sure why you would want to
> control which addresses different object files get to, but maybe the
> switch --section-start for the command ld would be useful? Otherwise, at
> least you have the switch -M which will show you at which addresses
> different object files got.
> Maybe you are developing for a platform where different parts of memory
> have different speed and want to place critical functions in the fastest
> memory?
> regards Henrik
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