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Re: how to enable trace in bison C++ parser

From: Gvnaena Pura
Subject: Re: how to enable trace in bison C++ parser
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 13:35:41 -0700
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On Aug 23, 9:50 am, "Martin Jost" <> wrote:
> "Gvnaena Pura" <> schrieb im 
> > Hi,
> > I know for C parsers, one can simply #define YYDEBUG to be 1, and set
> > yydebug=1 somewhere, and then the parser will print trace information
> > at each step.  But how can I do this for C++ parser?  I
> > used ::set_debug_level and ::set_debug_stream, and there is no effect
> > at all.  How can I do this?  Thanks in advance.
> According to my notes, this should do the trick. But I had my share of
> trouble  here.
> Two notes:
> - Try option -t to bison
> - If you changed the prefix from yy to something else ('%name-prefix="..."'
> or '-p' to bison), you need to change it too on yydebug.

Yes, that was the problem.  Thanks!

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