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make: config file for library linking

From: Martin Vcelak
Subject: make: config file for library linking
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2008 10:37:36 +0100
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I have implemented the Makefile what automatically search the given directory and build up the executables (.exe) from the source codes.

        $(CC) $(LIB_FLAG) $< $(TEST_LIB) -o $@  $(STANDART_LIB)

        $(CC) -c $(CCFLAGS) -I $(INCLUDE_DIR)  $< -o ./$@

Now I would like to add the possibility that for each .cpp file is a special config file in the same directory as the .cpp file what determines what libraries should be linked to the executable.
Do you have any idea or experiences?
Thank you a lot.
Have a nice day

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