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Re: copy with extension rename

From: tns1
Subject: Re: copy with extension rename
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 16:03:00 -0700
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Karl Berry wrote:
    simplest way to copy and rename all *.a files to *.b   ???

Different people will have different answers.  What I do is: 's/a$/b/' *.a

where is the appended Perl script (it exists in many versions
around the net).  This version is slightly modified by me from lwall's
original to print the successful renames.


I ended up using make to do the job since I am compiling now anyway. This is under cygwin and I don't want to install another 5MB just to rename some files.

I am really surprised it can't be done easily with cp, since with DOS its just copy *.c *.o.

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