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Re: makefile question: always recompile a file

From: Eric Sosman
Subject: Re: makefile question: always recompile a file
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 17:12:11 -0400
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Jim wrote:

I'm using a make program similar to gnu make.  I'd like to always
recompile a file whenever ANY file is compiled (or assembled).
Preferably (but not absolutely necessary), I'd like the file to
recompile if the linker runs as well, but this sounds really tough.
In case you're wondering, this file contains a global array that has
time and date stamp information in it so we can tell when the project
was last built.

Some engineers don't like a simple "delete the object file always when
make runs" approach because if you inadvertently run make a second
time, you get a recompile even if no sources changed.

Any ideas on how to do this?

    Maybe you could find half a dozen more newsgroups to ask?

    A first cut might be to put the recompile *in* the link
step, unconditionally, along the lines of (sketch)

        OBJECTS = ... everything *except* timestamp.o ...
        target: $(OBJECTS)
                cc $(CFLAGS) -o target timestamp.c $(OBJECTS)

If you run make twice and it sees that target is up to date
(note that timestamp.c doesn't count toward that decision), it
will not run the link step and will not recompile timestamp.c.

Eric Sosman

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