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Re: makefile question: always recompile a file

From: Rainer Weikusat
Subject: Re: makefile question: always recompile a file
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 12:23:36 +0200
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Jim <> writes:
> On Aug 26, 5:02 pm, Jim <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm using a make program similar to gnu make.  I'd like to always
>> recompile a file whenever ANY file is compiled (or assembled).
>> Preferably (but not absolutely necessary), I'd like the file to
>> recompile if the linker runs as well, but this sounds really tough.
>> In case you're wondering, this file contains a global array that has
>> time and date stamp information in it so we can tell when the project
>> was last built.
>> Some engineers don't like a simple "delete the object file always when
>> make runs" approach because if you inadvertently run make a second
>> time, you get a recompile even if no sources changed.
>> Any ideas on how to do this?
>> Thanks much,
>> Jim
> I'd like to thank everyone for you input!  Now, for the sake of
> discussion, I'd like to change the requirements a bit.  I really don't
> need this, but it may come in handy:
> I'd like to have a variable, say COMPILE_ALWAYS, set to a file that
> needs to be compiled/assembled always.  This file may be a .c, .cpp or
> an assembler file.  So, the methods I've seen here that involve
> writing the ruleset for that file just won't do because now you don't
> know what file you'll be building.  How would you go about doing it?

Use a .PHONY target as prerequisite of the 'build' target, put the
variable (expansion) inside the compilation rule instead of the
filename, use a wrapper script and pass the variable expansion as
argument, ...

> My current thought is to place a line where the linking is done
> (before the link itself) that recursively calls make--it's target
> would be $(COMPILE_ALWAYS).o.  Comments?

You really don't want a comment on this idea :->>.

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