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RE: [ #1453108] RE: GBP Process Record Inquiry

From: Julian Payne
Subject: RE: [ #1453108] RE: GBP Process Record Inquiry
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2019 19:05:55 +0000

Dear GNU team,

I hope you are well.

A number of students at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School are 
currently working on a research project related to the adoption of Continuous 
Integration. In particular, we are trying to determine the costs of defects 
caused by failing tests to enterprise software companies, as well as assess the 
debugging applications that are available on the market. As part of our 
research we came across GDB Process Record and thought we should reach out.

Would you be available for a short call in the coming week to discuss this 
further with us? 

Kind Regards,


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From: Jeanne Rasata via RT <> 
Sent: 27 November 2019 15:33
To: Julian Payne <>
Subject: [ #1453108] RE: GBP Process Record Inquiry

Hello, Julian, 

Please forgive me for taking so long to get back to you.  (Accidentally deleted 
your first message.) Thanks for your patience.

This is only the general e-mail contact for the FSF and the GNU Project and I 
am unable to answer technical questions. My best suggestion would be to contact 
the project mailing lists to see if they can give you any help. You can find 
their contact information in their entry in our Free Software Directory, at 
<>. Also, you might find it helpful to go to 
<>, where you will find a complete list 
of all the public mailing lists, and to <>, 
which we are working to improve.
Thanks for supporting free software.

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spread the word about software freedom?
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