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Update on Icecat 115

From: chippy
Subject: Update on Icecat 115
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2023 17:45:27 +0200

Hi all,
Good news and bad news. 

Good news first:

I managed to build Icecat version 115.1.0esr.
It apparently works, but many anti-features work too.
I also made some changes after running makeicecat, because of a couple
of sed commands that I still have to sort out.

Changes in makeicecat:

Bad news: 

It still connects to a lot of different third parties services.
To quote a few:,,,,,,,

So I definitely missed something, I think I will have to go through
makeicecat and run the commands one by one, manually, so I can see what
happens and what is left. Some might change a file leaving it
syntactically correct but with some content off; while others might
miss the changes at once. 

More bad news: 
anti features like synchronization, pocket and more are still working.
Also I couldn't find LibreJS.

For a quicky, the Debian package:

Should this go to gnuzilla-dev instead?


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