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[Help-librejs] AJAX replacement for updating username availability?

From: Dylan Erdahl
Subject: [Help-librejs] AJAX replacement for updating username availability?
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 17:44:11 -0700

The title is self-explanatory.  I like how with AJAX you can use it to
check your database live to see if a username is available, without
reloading the page.  I noticed that in your article "The JavaScript
Trap" you state: "Our tentative policy is to consider a JavaScript
program nontrivial if: it makes an AJAX request or is loaded along
with scripts that make an AJAX request"

I noticed there are some free libraries that use AJAX, would that be a
good place to start?  Or will any AJAX code I use be considered

Regards - D

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