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Re: [Help-librejs] LibreJS + Iceweasel + HTTPSEveryWhere = blank screen

From: Alberto Mena
Subject: Re: [Help-librejs] LibreJS + Iceweasel + HTTPSEveryWhere = blank screen
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2016 11:21:49 +0200
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Hi Michael,

Thank you so much for your detailed and prompt response. I apologize for confusing you, the situation seems to be solved now.

Unfortunately, up to now I have had not the patience for knowing if the visited pages actually load or not, but thanks to your comments I realized that it was no normal to not see any page open during a navigation, never. In the past I also have tried the add-on with IceCat browser with the same result.

In order to recheck for the behaviour, I have switched off the other add-ons on Firefox-ESR and with just LibreJS enabled tried to access a web site waiting for a result. It finally came. The screen initially seems to freeze, blank screen with no response... yes, but this is true until LibreJS ends its analysis on the web site scripts and then the web site spots fine with nontrivial JS blocked as expected.

The delay time I see due to having LibreJS enabled is about 2-3 minutes per page. When LibreJS is disabled the access time is about just 1s. Having the LibreJS add-on enabled increases the access time per page in a crazy way leading me to actually discard using the add-on :(

Considering that LibreJS is not a high resource consumer and it should work fine when parsing js code even on systems with 1GB of RAM installed, it seems to me I am experimenting hardware problems on my laptop that prevent me from properly using this add-on (among other tasks): It is a 8 years old laptop and heats up often, so when many operations are requested it is not able to manage the situation. Even loading photos with an image viewer has become an incredible effort. Really thinking about replacing it.

 Last thing: What version of the following software are you using (it
might aid the developers in pinpointing the problem):

        * Iceweasel
        * LibreJS

Just for giving you the sw details I am using during this LibreJS test:
* Firefox ESR 45.3.0 (Iceweasel transitional package installs Firefox-ESR)
* GNU LibreJS 6.0.13 as from about:addons info

Thank you for your time and best wishes.

Best regards,

On 2016-08-10 04:11, Michael Pagan wrote:

 I've tried LibreJS on both Abrowser and GNU IceCat (each with varying
results [1]). GNU IceCat comes with _HTTSEveryWhere_ and _SpyBlock_
installed by default, since it is a browser created with security in
mind. LibreJS is experimental though, as declared by GNU IceCat on its
homepage, so it doesn't always work even when a website has satisfied
the conditions for liberating its own JavaScript.

 > I wonder if it is possible to have the LibreJS Mozilla-based
browser > add-on running during usual web usage (surfing, mailing,
reading > news…)

 Yes, and those specific actions (i.e. surfing, mailing, reading,
news, etc.), should work as long as they don't require non-free
JavaScript in order to function.

 > the add-on will actually block everything due to the > nontrivial
JavaScript present basically everywhere.

 It may appear to do so on JavaScript heavy websites, but you can pull
up a report of exactly which pieces of code are being blocked via the
LibreJS icon located on your browsers' Toolbar. The ones that you feel
are safe can be whitelisted and hence executed.

 > it is said to work for Mozilla-based browsers, or even if the
add-on > has been developed as a monitor tool for highlighting >
LibreJS-compliant web sites, and therefore with daily web usage not in

 LibreJS is not just a monitor/analysis tool on the state of freedom
of a website, but it should also actively block non-free code while
allowing the execution of free code. It is this specific behavior that
will help to promote freedom and security on websites in terms of

 > I think I am not using the add-on in the proper way, so I really >
appreciate your comments as LibreJS users :)

 There is only ONE way to use this particular add-on, and that is to
keep it enabled and hence allow it to operate silently in the
background as you use your browser. In essence, all you have to do is
install it and it _should_ work right out of the box; however, it is

 Any problems that may arise is either a bug in the browser
(incompatible with LibreJS), the website (nontrivial code that is
required in order for the site to function is non-free, or free code
does not use the proper syntax or is using an unsupported free license
hence preventing LibreJS from labelling it as free), or a bug in
LibreJS (the add-on is either blocking free code that is properly
labelled, or allowing non-free code that has not been whitelisted to

 Last thing: What version of the following software are you using (it
might aid the developers in pinpointing the problem):

        * Iceweasel
        * LibreJS


 Michael Pagan

 Trisquel GNU/Linux user


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