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[Help-librejs] Help needed with

From: Chris Croome
Subject: [Help-librejs] Help needed with
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2018 13:27:20 +0000
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This website works fine without JavaScript being enabled in client


Furthermore I have added the license for the Yahoo JavaScript which is
embedded in the page:


And a link for the one line of JavaScript I believe I wrote:


And a link for the Matamo code:


This results in a browser with the LibreJS extension installed having a
green tick.

However it also totally messes up the formatting of the page, see this
screenshot for example:


If anyone is able to look at the source of the site and let me know if I
have done anything incorrectly I'd appreciate it.

If I haven't made an errors then perhaps there is an issue with the GNU
LibreJS plugin and the rendering of pages?

I have tested this using the latest stable Firefox and the developers
edition both on Debian and both with LibreJS 7.14.1 installed via the
Mozilla plugin site.

All the best


Webarchitects Co-operative
+44 114 276 9709

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