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LibreJS license labels for Invidious redirect page

From: Cadence Ember
Subject: LibreJS license labels for Invidious redirect page
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2020 20:45:19 +1200

Greetings GNU,

I am involved with developing the Invidious project:

I am currently creating the new page for for after
it will close operations on September 1st. The purpose of this page is
to suggest instances that are still active that users can visit
instead. This entire redirect site will be free software, of course.

In the interest of putting less load on the server, the list of
instances will be downloaded by the browser from, and turned into a table
with JavaScript. I can't generate the table server-side.

This functionality works and you can see the website at:

I am aware of LibreJS. I've read these pages about it:


I've attempted to mark the JavaScript as free software so that LibreJS
will run it, but I have not seen success. I believe I have set
everything up as required:

- The footer has a "JavaScript licenses" link, with the
  data-jslicense="1" attribute, so the link to the license pages
  should be detected.
- On that page, there is a table with id="jslicense-labels1", so the
  licenses should be detected.

I am testing by creating a new blank Firefox profile and installing
LibreJS only. LibreJS, when visiting the home page, says that the
script was blocked because it has an unknown license.

I have no idea what I've done wrong here. Can you help?

Again, the page that I'm trying to add labels for is:

Thank you for all you have done for software freedom.

-- Cadence

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