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[Help-smalltalk] New releases

From: Bonzini
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] New releases
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 22:48:09 +0100

I've just released 1.95.11 and 1.96.4

1.95.11 is another bugfix release.  I found and fixed a rare bug in the
interpreter involving a GC taking place in a #at:, #at:put:, #size method
when finalizers were active, but most important the lockups happening
sometimes under console are fixed.

1.96.4 includes all this, plus complete documentation of the VM source code!
Another nice addition is named primitives, which will ease the
implementation of both C-based LargeIntegers and of the Float[DEQ] ANSI
classes, and in general cause better organization.  I'm really happy with
the new naming conventions and I found them much more maintainable than the
old one, especially when not running under X.  I also added AVL and
red-black tree libraries and I am already adopting them in a couple of

I'm also thinking of adding underscores in numbers (for example
1_000_000_000 for a billion, but 1___000_0 as well) in the 1.96.x versions.
This would not break compatibility with Blue Book nor, as far as I can tell,
with other Smalltalks.  Anybody objects to the idea?

Have fun!


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